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Question #1 | Is there training on how to use the system?

Yes you will see this info inside your back office.

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Question #2 | Can I use this system with my leads from P1, P2, P3?

Yes and we are seeing even better results because you are able to say to the prospect "Take a look at my business and you will receive a $50 RC Gift Card just for looking at it..."

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Question #3 | What is the $50 Rewards Cash Gift Card?

When a prospect takes the time to:
- Verify their cell phone number
- Then watch your presentation about your business
- Then answer a survey question

The system will send them a $50 RC Gift card, this gives them access to a special shopping site where they can use the $50 to get discounts on popular items like (restaurants, movies, electronics, hotels, clothes etc)

Click Here For More Details

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Question #4 | Does the system capture the information of my prospect before they watch my video?

Yes... absolutely... in fact the prospect can not see your video with out verifying their cell phone number.

This is what happens:

  • They land on your capture page that you get with the MLMROD system (Your MLMROD $50 RC Capture Page)
  • They submit their name, email and cell phone number
  • The system sends them a text with a unique pin code
  • They enter the pin code
  • Then they are able to see your video
  • At the end of your video or after the first 10 minutes the system give them a survey question that they answer
  • If they answer the survey question, then our system will send them the $50 RC Gift Card
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Question #5 | Do I have to use a laptop or a computer to use this system?

No... at very least all you need is a mobile device with internet

The back office and all of the pages are mobile friendly so you can access anything you need with out ever logging into a desktop computer.

Plus everything syncs instantly to your desktop site so no matter where you are at in the world, you will have access to everything in real time.

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Question #6 | How does my sizzle message work?

You get a MLMROD phone with extension that is unique to you.

This is what happens:

  • People respond to an ad to call to listen to a 3 minute message on how they can make extra money
  • They listen to the 3 minute message that we have created for you
  • At the end of the message we invite them to look at your full presentation
  • We also let them know they will receive a FREE $50 Rewards Cash gift card just for looking at your presentation (hint: this motivates them to press 1)
  • They press 1 on their phone and the system automatically send them your link to your MLMROD $50 RC Capture page
  • Then everything from the above question kicks in at that point (See the flow in the question above this one)
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Question #7 | Does the sizzle line cost me extra?

Nope... you get the whole system (Contact manager, import tool, Facebook leads, Google leads, $50 RC capture page, sizzle line, ability to send and receive text messages with your contacts and much more) included.

Plus refer 3 and your system is FREE

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Question #8 | Is there a cost to get the sign for my rear window of my car or the drop cards?

Yes... you will have the option to purchase these items if you choose to.

1 Window Sign = $87
1,000 Drop Cards = $89
Special Offer - 1 Window Signs + 1,000 Drop Cards = $15

We have partnered with a printing company that will handle all the orders and they will ship out your items to you.

A high converting ad message is printed for you promoting your MLMROD phone number.

We have secured a very low cost to you as a benifit for being a MLMROD member.

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Question #9 | Can I see an example of the Drop Cards & Rear Window Sign?

Note: The ad is pre-created for you with the highest converting message and we automatically place your MLMROD Phone number and Sizzle Message into it for you.

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Question #10 | Can I hear what the sizzle message sounds like? (This is the message your prospects hears when they call your MLMROD phone number)

Yes... click on the play button below.

Note: Your name will be automatically inserted after the "This message is powered by...(your name goes here)". At the end when the prospect presses "1" the system will automatically send them your video to look at your business.

Listen To The Sizzle Message Below

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Question #11 | What is Drop 2 K Per Day?

Drop 2 K per day means, your daily goal is to drop 20 of your $100 bill ads every day (Drop Cards)

This activity will help you generate leads looking at your business on auto-pilot.

Listen To The "Drop 2k Per Day" Song Below

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Question #12 | Can I Promote to my friends on Social Media?

Yes but no spamming is allowed.

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Question #13 | Do you have instructions for installing the window sign?

Yes we have a short video and picture instructions Click Here To See It

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Question #14 | How long does my video need to be?

We see that between 7 - 15 minutes seems to be the best, but it is up to you on what video you want to use

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Question #15 | What if I don't know what video I should use to promote my business?

Well you have serveral options:

  1. You can use our search by company tool and we may have a video for your company already saved in our database.
  2. You can reach out to someone in your company and ask them "What is a good video presentation to use"
    Note: Might be a good idea to send them your link to this system and ask them what video you should use, if they like it they will join under you :)
  3. If someone from your company referred you to MLMROD Incentives then you will have an option in your settings to choose the same video they are using.
  4. You can do a search on youtube for your company presentation.
  5. You can go to your company website and see if you can find a video presentation

If all else fails then put in a support ticket to us after you join and we would be happy to help you find a good video for your business.

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Question #16 | How does the referral program work?

We have a simple referral program, refer 3 active paying $37/month pro members and if you are on a monthly subscription then it will be waived.

Basically "3 and you are Free"

We do not pay out any commissions if you refer more than 3 people, our focus is to help you and your team build your Network Marketing business.

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Question #17 | Can I promote more than one Network Marketing business or do I have to buy more than one account?

You are free to promote as many businesses as you would like using one account, you have full control to change the video your are promoting or put different prospects in front of different videos if you want.

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Question #18 | Am I forced to upload my personal contacts from my phone?

No this is one of the ways we show you how to promote your business but it is optional, if you choose not to use it that is fine.

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Question #19 | What is the cost to me to have the system give my prospects a $50 RC Gift Card?

$37 per month gives you access to unlimited $50 RC Gift Cards

Plus refer 3 active members and your monthly fee is waived.

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Question #20 | Can I really get the $37 Membership Fee Free?

Yes, simply refer 3 members using your affiliate link and the system will stop your billing for the $37.

Note: They must be Active members

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Question # | What happens to my prospect if my account is not active?

If you cancel or your monthly payment declines, the system will redirect any prospects that land on your $50 Offer page to another active member.

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Question # | Can International members use this?

Yes and No.

In order to create an account you must have a USA or Canadian phone number that can receive text messages.

So if you have this, then yes, if not then no.

Obviously if you are international it would not make sense to advertise the rear window sign or drop cards, being that it will be promoting a USA/Canada phone number.

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